6 Advantages Of Erotic Therapeutic Massage

6 Advantages Of Erotic Therapeutic Massage

Erotic massage is a superb option to chill out, join and discover pleasure with a lover or intimate friend. On the path of Tantra, we enjoy coming together to honor and celebrate the body as a temple of delight. This experience will allow you to explore erotic energy in new ways and can be a wonderful prelude to lovemaking. Study six advantages of erotic massage.


Prepare a warm, quiet, comfortable place the place you won't be disturbed for the subsequent 2 hours. Be sure all phones are turned off. Light some candles and put on some stress-free, romantic music.

The Heart Salutation

Begin with the Heart Salutation. It's an historical tantric practice for acknowledging the Divine in one another as you enter into sacred time. Sit throughout from your accomplice and look into their eyes. Keep eye contact throughout the rest of the process. Extend your arms towards the earth, palms together. Inhale and, keeping them collectively, deliver your hands to your heart. Exhale, as you bow forward and acknowledge the Divine in every other. Inhale, as you straighten back up. Finally, exhale as you enable your palms to return to the starting place, pointed towards the earth.

The Bubble

The Bubble calls you into present moment awareness and creates a protected space in which to offer an erotic massage. Make a bubble around you and your companion along with your arms so that it surrounds both of you. Take away issues from the bubble that will not serve this process (the previous, distractions, anger, fear, etc.) Do this with a gesture, as if physically eradicating an object, whereas stating out-loud what you are removing. Subsequent, deliver issues into your bubble that may enhance your connection (Love, willingness, Presence, trust etc.) Once again, use gestures and spoken words. Right here is two examples:

"I release the past."

" I call in passion."

Share Your Desires, Fears and Boundaries

As soon as the bubble is created, share your needs, fears and limits associated to giving and/or receiving an erotic massage. One individual speaks whereas the opposite particular person listens, with out judgment or commentary. Then, change roles. masaze praha Right here is an example:

"My want is to stay connect to erotic energy."

"My worry is that I'll go to sleep and chances are you'll feel damage or disappointed."

"My boundary is finish this observe by at 11 pm."

Healthy Boundaries

People typically consider boundaries as walls. Healthy boundaries are literally bridges that carry folks together. Intimacy arises when wholesome boundaries are honored. You're feeling protected, are open and present. Boundaries can change, so check-in periodically to see how you are feeling. If your boundary has changed, tell your partner. Please, don't count on them to read your mind.

Giving an Erotic Therapeutic massage

Decide who will give and who will receive. Invite the receiver to put face-down on a therapeutic massage table, bed or blanket on the floor. Make certain they are warm and luxuryable. The giver then grounds him or herself and gently lays their arms on the receiver. Acknowledge this can be a unique opportunity to honor and serve your beloved. Attune yourself to the receiver. One way to attune is by respiratory with them for a number of minutes.

Start to awaken their skin by lightly stroking it with feathers, fur or the guidelines of your fingers. When you're ready, cowl their body with warm oil. Use long, slow therapeutic massage strokes. You might be massaging more than the surface of their body. You might be connecting to them on multiple levels. Encourage them to take deep breaths, make sounds and move their body. This permits the energy within the body to awaken, move and release. Use completely different components of your body- your hair, arms and chest, to massage your partner. Be playful, curious and creative.

About half-way through the allotted time, invite the receiver to roll over. Massage the front of their body with warm oil, once more using long strokes. Introduce sound in a new way by toning on their body, using appears like, Ahh, Yumm or Omm. This is usually a highly effective device for activating your companions energy-body.

After they really feel ready, offer to explore their genitals. In SkyDancing Tantra we call the vagina, "Yoni," which suggests "Cosmic Matrix" and the penis, "Vajra," which suggests "Thunderbolt." Start on the outside of the genitals with oil. At first, be mild and go slow. Permit them time to release any pressure in the area. Take heed to their body. Watch them reply and change into aroused. Concentrate on what gives them pleasure. Try different strokes. Again, be creative. If you will do internal massage, use a water-based lubricant. How much pleasure can they allow? Are they open to exploring the possibility of a number of orgasms?

Close by spooning together and connecting your heart centers with love, compassion and gratitude. Help them to take a seat up and end with a Heart Salutation. Supply them water or juice to drink and a chocolate or piece of fruit to eat. You might need to share what this experience was like for you. How was it to present and/or receive in this means?